Apple Pie Recipe

Assalam walaikum ! all of you. My previous recipe which is KHEER/PUDDING FROM  PASTA as written in my old post is a dessert and now another of my recipe APPLE PIE which I made for a party and very easy too, to make. Apple Pie is an easy dessert to make for any occasion and season which goes well if served hot or cold  Apple being nutritious food for all ages of people from babies to teens to adults. Now Let's start find whats needed to prepare it


Kheer or Pudding from Pasta

Assalamu allaikum!! Dear friends.
 After the previous guest post recipe done by my friend. Today's recipe I have made is Kheer or Pudding from Pasta. These pasta are found in regular super markets or groceries and prepared easily and without much of hassel. This pudding is very much similar to rice or vermecilli pudding. It's main ingredients being pasta, milk and sugar and can add extra flavors for more taste. Let's start! what is needed to make this dessert



 Hi readers how things going this time I come with the wonder full recpie rich and delicious for perfect evening simple and easy to assemble.
The perfect easy tiramisu recipe on hand


Mutton biryani

    This is our home style biryani ,I like to share with u family and friends like my briyani very much 
Every time I cook it came out very tasty . Now you can try and tell how do u like my briyani.
Happy cooking

Mutton  biryani 



Chicken Qorma or Curry

Assalam u alaikum.  After I made the spicy chatpati snack which is yummy to eat in this cold weather.  I got lazy enough to make any thing difficult recipe so made this simple Chicken Qorma to go with parathas or Ghee rice or plain biryani rice.


Masala Puri with Green Leaves or Spicy Salad.

Assalam allaikum.
Hope you liked my  previous #recipe #Spinach Chicken.Today's recipe is Masala Puri with green leaves or Spicy Salad. As most of you would be knowing this is famous street food found in India with each region having their own speciality in taste. This can be very easy to prepare at home also. This can also be a Spicy Salad by leaving out one or two ingredients. So lets try it out.


Spinach Chicken [Murg Palak] Recipe

Assalamu alaikum.

Dear friends, I am back again with a different recipe. Spinach Chicken or Murg Palak. It is a recipe made with spinach and murg or chicken which is in Gravy or Curry form.  It is best preferred to eat with tortillas,chapatis or parathas . Lets see how to prepare it.