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Mom made Chicken Chilly with Capsicum Recipe

Assalamu walaikum! Mom Made Recipes friends.
Chicken happens to be one of favorite white meat, that is why you will find chicken recipes more compared to other meats. As it has less cholesterol compared to other meat products this is a plus point to us.
In my previous post I had made a quick and easy Simple homemade  orange juice recipe. Now let's try my new recipe and get started with what ingredients are needed


Simple Home made Orange juice recipe.

Assalamu allaikum friends.
After my previous recipe Prawns with French fries  I wanted to try out some home made drink/juice made out of orange which is mostly lying around most of the time in my house since I hate peeling it and my kids also happen to dislike eating  So thought why not make some healthy juice out of it and serve it to my family with a flourish. I used five big oranges, chopped it blended  it mixer added little of the other things and here's the  result. If you are interested to laze around at house with a cool drink at summer or just a room temperature drink at winters this is the juice. As, It really is an Al-rounder. Lets see what ingredients are needed.


Prawns with French fries Recipe

 Assalam alaikum to you friends, after my previous recipe French fries #Sandwich I tried another recipe with prawns and french fries, and I can tell you one thing about it, that It certainly was YUMMY!!. and this recipe is also quick and easy to prepare with simple ingredients needed but of course not prawns. Lets start and see what ingredients and steps are required to make it.


French fries Sandwich Recipe

Assalam alaikum to my readers. Here I am back after a long break with another of my recipe which is I am sure loved by many among the youngsters.and hope that you have tried my previous recipes which you find in Recipe Index. This recipe is one of the quick and easy breakfast to make when you are in a hurry. Just toss in a few french fries and cook it with onion, salt, pepper sauce and put it on the bread or long loaves of bread in any you want it. To prepare it lets see what all is needed and make an easy breakfast.


Apple Pie Recipe

Assalam walaikum ! all of you. My previous recipe which is KHEER/PUDDING FROM  PASTA as written in my old post is a dessert and now another of my recipe APPLE PIE which I made for a party and very easy too, to make. Apple Pie is an easy dessert to make for any occasion and season which goes well if served hot or cold  Apple being nutritious food for all ages of people from babies to teens to adults. Now Let's start find whats needed to prepare it

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