Apple Pudding or Seb ki kheer

 Assalamu alaikum friends and readers,
  My previous post which was Coconut fish curry recipe  is an all time successful dish when prepared,
 is always loved by many people. I had formerly made another of apple recipe which was Apple pie Recipe  where you need to bake it. Today's new recipe is Apple Pudding or Seb Ki Kheer where you need to thicken the milk.An easy dish to prepare with less ingredients. 


Mom made Coconut fish Curry Recipe

Assalamu alaikum readers, After my former post Pineapple crushed cake Recipe I had party at my place and too busy and tired to write any recipe. So gave  a skip and rested my bones. Now! here I am with one of my native place Coconut fish curry Recipe which is mostly made in many coastal areas of India


Mom made Pineapple Crushed cake Recipe

 Assalam Walaikum, Readers and Friends, 
After my previous recipe on Aloo Paratha  here is my new post on Pineapple Crushed cake Recipe by Mom made Recipes .Pineapple which is a tropical plant through which many variable recipe are made like upside pineapple cake and used in fruit salads or other desserts as with its juicy taste it has its own water or syrup which gives an extra taste and texture to the recipe.


  My recipe happens to be Pineapple crushed cake #recipe which is simple recipe with easy procedure to follow.



Aloo Paratha / Potato flatbread Recipe

Assalamu  Walaikum friends and fellow readers
I have returned with another of South Asian Recipe which is very famous in North India. Parathas are also known as Flatbread around the world and my today's recipe is Aloo paratha or Potato Flat-bread Recipe. This recipe contains three cooking parts  Part one is the potato vegetable or Aloo Bhaji you will find the recipe here and Part two is flatbread or paratha which you will be making as you read on further. Part three is filling the aloo in between the two paratha and making Aloo  Paratha


Aloo / Batata Bhaji or Potato vegetable Recipe

Assalamu Walaikum readers
 Today's recipe is a quick and easy recipe and it can be served separately or used for filling with paratha or dosa. We can even make potato fritters or aloo bonda out of it. This is an easy quick and easy recipe. Recently I had made Aloo Paratha. In sha Allah I will write that recipe in the next post. For Today's recipe it is Aloo Bhaji. with simple procedure.

Mom Made Recipes

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