Cupsa Arabic Rice Recipe

Assalamu alaikum  my readers,

       After living in gulf countries for the past 12 years of my lif e my food tastes and cuisine got varied from spicy to less spicy food recipes. I started trying out Arabian cuisine recipes which though have spices but less hot spiciness. Since due to the very hot climatic condition in the gulf countries hot spiceful and salty food are not preferable.

My Previous recipe was Seb ki Kheer or Apple Pudding and Today's recipe is an Arabian rice known as Cupsa where all the ingredients are cooked together. Lets start with Bismillah and see ingredients are needed to make the recipe Cupsa Arabic Rice


1. 1kg - Chicken
2. 3-4 - medium sized onions
3. 2 tbsp - ginger garlic
4. 1 tsp - turmeric powder
5. 1 tsp - pepper powder
6. salt to taste
7. 3 cups - basmati rice
8. 6 cups - water.
9. 4 tbsp - oil
10. 1 cup - fried onions
11. 3- 4  spices (like clove, cardamom, cinnamon)


1. Wash the chicken, and it aside. Then wash the rice and soak it for 1/2 an hr and after that chop the onions or cut it with the onion cutter.

2. Saute  the onions with little of spices  and oil in a hot pot. After it is transparent add the ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt, pepper, and put the washed chicken into it then cook for 10 mins after a while add the fried onions. On medium heat the chicken should be half cooked

3. After the chicken is half cooked add the water and bring it to full boil and  in then add the soaked rice in it keep it on high flame for 10 mins and then lower the flame.

4. On low heat cook rice till is gets soft.

Serve the Cupsa rice with curds/raita/laban or salad when it is still hot. 


  1. This is what we referred to as comfort food in our family. My grandmothers version contained different spices, yet was cooked very similar to yours, This looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing your recipe at Fiesta Friday!

  2. The food looks awesome and am sure, the taste must be heavenly as well.
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