How to make Vermicelli Pudding or Seviyan Kheer Recipe

Assalamu Alaikum friends,
Here I am back again with one of the famous Indian Pudding or Kheer Recipe. As I gathered information from the internet Kheer is an South Asian rice pudding made from boiling rice and other ingredients.Since I have not clicked any photos for that recipe In sha Allah  when I have the photos, in the future I will write a post on it.Well Did you try out my previous recipe Simple Bread Pudding or Double Kha Meetha
                   My recipe today is Vermicelli Pudding or Seviyan Kheer  which is an Indian recipe and made mostly on Eid Festivals and marriages and functions or ceremony. But I like this so much that I mostly prepare it every 2 weeks esspecially when the weather is cold. It is just wonderful to curl up on a sofa with a rug and sip this in the early mornings.This has an easy procedure to cook Since it doesn't need to keep on low heat for long hours. Lets start it with Bismillah and see what Ingredients are needed. This recipe will serve approx 4 people

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