Simple Bread Pudding Recipe/ Double Kha Meetha

Assalamu alaikum readers .
After my previous recipe Macaroni with Coconut milk I yearned for some sweet so thought of preparing Bread Pudding. Since I have learned cooking from my mom I have seen this recipe been prepared in our house from long long time. So thought of doing some background history of this recipe. I found that it is an International recipe. It is not made only in western but in eastern part of the world also. In India it  is named as Double kha Meetha. This recipe was mostly from18th century was made from stale bread as they didn't want to waste food since there was scarity of food.
            This pudding includes simple ingredients like eggs, bread, milk and sugar. and some some e Lets see how it is made and get started with it.


Ingredients :

Ingredients required for Bread Pudding
1. 4cups milk
2. 1 1/2 cup sugar (extra if needed)
3. 4-5 bread slices
4. 8 eggs
5. 1 tsp vanilla essence
6. 2 tbsp custard powder
7. 6-7 almonds/walnuts chopped
8. 2 tsp ghee
9. 6-7 tbsp milk powder
         Arrange all the ingredients together in one place.


1. Firstly in an  Bowl beat the eggs, cut the bread slices into pieces and keep it aside

2. Secondly, In a cooking pot boil the milk and then put the cut pieces of bread and soak it in the liquid.

3. Thirdly, add the sugar and the beaten eggs to the milk mixture

 4. Fourthly, put the custard powder and the milk powder

5. Fifthly,Put all the nuts into the mixture Make a smooth batter of the ingredients                                                          
6. Sixthly,  In a pan, heat it and put the two tbsp ghee on it and when it is still warm pour all the batter inside it and Bake it for 180 degrees in an oven for 40-45 mins. Different oven has different functiuons
                                                                                                                                                                       *Serves for 12-15 people                                                                                                    
After it is baked the end result was tasty and superb. As my family is mashaallah big I just had to double the ingredients and make a big pudding. Then cut it into square pieces or slices and serve it to others garnishing it with more nuts on top.

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