Apple Pudding or Seb ki kheer

 Assalamu alaikum friends and readers,
  My previous post which was Coconut fish curry recipe  is an all time successful dish when prepared,
 is always loved by many people. I had formerly made another of apple recipe which was Apple pie Recipe  where you need to bake it. Today's new recipe is Apple Pudding or Seb Ki Kheer where you need to thicken the milk.An easy dish to prepare with less ingredients. 

1. 5- 6 big sized apples
2. Sugar to taste
3. 1 ltr milk
4. Handful of Almonds (optional)
5. 2 tbsp ghee

Step by step method:
1. In this recipe main thing is that you should boil the milk soon enough and then keep on low heat and make it thick. Since when you cook milk for longer time it gets burnt I have added 1 tbsp of ghee to it so it doesn't burn the bottom and we get wonderful aroma

2. I have the apples which are grated here and immediately put to sautĆ© with ghee on medium flame in an wok or pan. You can't keep grated 
apples for more than 5 minutes, since it gets dark after peeling.

3. After sauting it for 10 mins add little bit of sugar to it as per your taste. Since few apples are spur and few less sweet. I had used handful of Almonds for extra taste in which half I had grinder and other half I had chopped it. 

4. Add the thickened milk to the apple mixture and cook on medium flame it gets properly mixed up. As you the mixture cooks the milk curdle abut it's fine since the taste doesn't go sour or otherwise. Then on low heat cook for 5 minutes. 


Pour the Apple Pudding or Seb Ki Kheer in a bowl  and refrigerate it when it gets cool.
Serve this delicious dish when cold as it taste more yummy then.
Now do try out this recipe also and show your experience by commenting below.


Keep Cooking.  Keep SmilingšŸ˜Š
Remember me in your duas.
Wassalaam! ! 

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