Cooking and Kitchen Hints

Cooking and Kitchen Hints

A small, modern kitchen with popular stainless...
A small, modern kitchen with popular stainless steel appliances. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 These cooking and kitchen Hints are not completely experienced by me I have gathered it around for books and internet for purpose of helping people to be careful in cooking in the kitchen


# Tips

For Non - veg :-
  • Every-time after washing fish with water, soak the fish in turmeric and vinegar water for 10-15mins atleast as these will remove or lessen the reeking smell.

  •  Rub chicken pieces with turmeric powder and keep for a few minutes before washing to get rid of any peculiar smell which might be
  •  If you do not succeed in making a frothy omelet, beat the whites and yolks separately and thoroughly. Add a pinch of soda bicarb to the whites and then stir the yolks. You will get real tasty and forthy omelet.
  • To store unbeaten egg yolks, cover them with cold water or milk and keep in a cook place. Just befor using the yolks ,drain off the liquid

For Vegetables :-
  • Before using cucumbers in salads or any other recipe, cut half inch from their stem and rub the cut surfaces vigorously with the stem until it froths. This helps in removing any bitterness of cucumber.
  •  To minimise the bitterness of bitter gourds/ karela or any other bitter vegetables, cut into pieces and soak it for half an hour in the rice water obtained after washing rice

*Warning !! Never open the pressure cooker when it is hot or there is still pressure.

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