French fries Sandwich Recipe

Assalam alaikum to my readers. Here I am back after a long break with another of my recipe which is I am sure loved by many among the youngsters.and hope that you have tried my previous recipes which you find in Recipe Index. This recipe is one of the quick and easy breakfast to make when you are in a hurry. Just toss in a few french fries and cook it with onion, salt, pepper sauce and put it on the bread or long loaves of bread in any you want it. To prepare it lets see what all is needed and make an easy breakfast.


1.French fries
6.bread/long loaves bread
7.mayonnaise / sandwich cream
8.coriander leaves.

Step to step instructions:

1. Stir shallow fry the french fries on medium heat with oil, salt and pepper

 2.Chop the onion and add it to fries when it is half cooked.

3. Then add sauce of any flavor  of the brands available and fry it on low heat for 5 mins

4. Spread out mayonnaise or sandwich cream on the bread or on long bread and lightly grill on the pan or sandwich maker


 Now there's your French fries Sandwich ready for your breakfast.

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