Simple Home made Orange juice recipe.

Assalamu allaikum friends.
After my previous recipe Prawns with French fries  I wanted to try out some home made drink/juice made out of orange which is mostly lying around most of the time in my house since I hate peeling it and my kids also happen to dislike eating  So thought why not make some healthy juice out of it and serve it to my family with a flourish. I used five big oranges, chopped it blended  it mixer added little of the other things and here's the  result. If you are interested to laze around at house with a cool drink at summer or just a room temperature drink at winters this is the juice. As, It really is an Al-rounder. Lets see what ingredients are needed.

Ingredients :

4-5: Oranges Chopped
Sugar as to taste
2 glasses: Water


Chop the oranges and keep it aside


In the mixer blend the oranges with water and sugar as per your taste

After it is blended. Pour the content in the jar

Pour the juice in the glass. Serve it with a flourish

Juice prepared can be served up to 7 glasses.
 Have a great Friday/Jumma Mubarak and enjoy cooking new and old recipes


Remember me in your duas.


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