Brownie with toppings #mmr

 Assalam alaikum

As you all read my previous blog post by my friend. Brownie which looks lovely as well as tasty as she had given a me a part of it. I thought why add little extra flavour and toppings to it.
Hmmmm doesn't it that looks lovely and yummmmmy. Well lets see what all I did to it.


Choclate syrup
Drinking choclate powder
Dark cocoa powder
Almonds chopped
Ice cream
Choclate cake or Brownie [optional]


Well below are the 4 easy steps for brownie toppings

1. Mix choclate syrup, drinking choclate powder, dark cocoa powder and boil it for few minutes.
2. See to it that it is hot before pouring.
3. Add an ice cream scoop on top
4. then the almonds [ or any other nuts which suits you]

Try this mouth watering sweet dish, and comment on it after you taste it.

In sha Allah will be there soon with my next recipe. Till then try out my previous recipes



  1. This looks yummy.... my sons birthday is coming up and he loves chocolate and brownies. This will be a great birthday desert. thank you ...

  2. G'day! Quick, easy, delish! Viewed as part of Tickle My Tastebuds Link Party #5
    Cheers! Joanne


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