Masala Puri with Green Leaves or Spicy Salad.

Assalam allaikum.
Hope you liked my  previous #recipe #Spinach Chicken.Today's recipe is Masala Puri with green leaves or Spicy Salad. As most of you would be knowing this is famous street food found in India with each region having their own speciality in taste. This can be very easy to prepare at home also. This can also be a Spicy Salad by leaving out one or two ingredients. So lets try it out.


1. 500 gms peas [chick peas or green peas]
2. 1-2 potato  [chopped]
3. green leaves [coriander, curry, mint/pudina]
4. 4-5 green chillies
5. water for boiling
6. 1-2 onions [chopped]
7. 1 tomato [chopped]
8. 1-2 cucumber [chopped]
9. Sev for sprinkling
10. tomato sauce
11. cumin seeds
12. Tamrind
13. salt to taste
14. Pappdi

Method for Green Paste:

1. Grind the above specified green leaves with salt, cumin seeds and green chilly and keep it aside.


1. Boil the peas [chick peas/green peas] with potato in water for about 20 -25 mins in a pressure cooker.
2. Soak  the tamrind in water for 20 - 30 mins till it gets soft to squeeze the tamrind water.
3. Add the green paste which you had kept aside to the boiled peas and potato and then add the tamrind water to it. Add salt if needed.. Green peas mixture is ready.
4. Spread the pappdi on a plate and even-out the green peas mixture on top of the pappdi then spread the onions tomato and cucumber on it Sprinkle sev on it . And serve it immediately

It can be eaten hot as well as at room temperature. But to be served immediately since the crispiness goes out of pappdi and sev
Here's your Masala Puri ready. You can make it a Spicy Salad also by not adding the pappdi and the Sev in it. As you will get a spicy/chatpati taste to your salad
Will meet again stay tuned for other recipes.

[may peace be upon you as well]

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