Semolina Pudding Recipe

   This is an simple recipe but needs patience while preparing it. As it involves stirring continuously for long time as it is cooked on medium flame else it touches the bottom of the vessel and the taste changes  completely. It takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare.


  • 5 tbspn : Semolina (wash and soaked for 1/2 hr)
  • 4 tbspn : plain flour
  • 1 tbspn : custard powder (optional)
  • 1 tspn : vanilla essence
  • 1 ltr : milk
  • 5-6 tbspn : milk powder (optional)
  • 5-6 pcs : almonds chopped
  • 1 cup : sugar

Method to make:

In the milk mix semolina, custard powder, and milk powder in a pan and cook it on the medium flame stirring continuously, after 10 mins add sugar and vanilla essence bring it to boil stirring continuously till it thickens  to fine batter. Then pour the mixture in a bowl or plate and then show your creativity with almonds in any way it pleases you.
  Try out this dish and tell me in the comment how tasty it was.

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  1. wow this is simple..looks yummy and delicious...sure to try..

    1. Thanks for appreciating it Ruxana. Yes, it is definitely yummy!! Try it and tell me

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    1. Thanks for appreciating noorul

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