Lentils with Okra

 Assalam Walaikum everyone!!

I am back again after a long time. Hope you have tried my  previous recipes. In this blog my friend who is a mom is also contributing her work as she also loves to cook variety , she has her own Facebook page it is Mc Mummy's .

       NOW here's my new recipe.



1. 1/2 cup Lentils 
2. 1-2 onion chopped
3. 1 tomato
4. 1/4 tspn turmeric pwdr
5. 2-3 green chilly
6. pinch of mustard seeds
7. pinch of cumin seeds
8. 8-9 okra (bendi)
9. 2 tbspn oil
10. curry leaves
11. coariander leaves
12. salt to taste.
13. ginger garlic paste

 Method :   

1. Firstly cook onion, tomato, green chilly, lentils, ginger garlic paste in a cooker for 20-25 mins seperately
2. In a separate hot vessel add oil, mustard, cumin seeds, garlic and curry leaves and saute for few mins 
3. Then add onion and okra and fry it  for 5 mins
4.  When the lentils are cooked and cooled then open the cooker and mix it.

Here your recipe ready !!  Serve it hot.

Warning! Never open the cooker when it is hot. 

   In Sha Allah my next recipe will be there soon.


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