Aloo Paratha / Potato flatbread Recipe

Assalamu  Walaikum friends and fellow readers
I have returned with another of South Asian Recipe which is very famous in North India. Parathas are also known as Flatbread around the world and my today's recipe is Aloo paratha or Potato Flat-bread Recipe. This recipe contains three cooking parts  Part one is the potato vegetable or Aloo Bhaji you will find the recipe here and Part two is flatbread or paratha which you will be making as you read on further. Part three is filling the aloo in between the two paratha and making Aloo  Paratha


  • Aloo Bhaji (for the recipe click the link)
  • wheat floor ( for making paratha)
  • salt to taste
  • water
  • oil

1. Make the Aloo Bhaji vegetable and keep it aside. You will find the recipe for Aloo Bhaji here.
For Aloo Bhaji Recipe click the photo

2. From the floor, warm water, salt one tbsp and oil for about two tbsp mix all these ingredients properly with your or use a processor to make dough. Keep the dough covered with a  moist cloth for about 15 mins and afttter 15 mins make small balls out of the dough.

3. Make the paratha or flatbread  from the balls with the roller and spread the aloo bhaji or potato bhaji on the flatbread / Paratha and place another paratha on top of the paratha when the filling is done as shown in the picture close the side of the paratha so that vegetable do not comes out while frying.

4. Saute Fry the parathas in a pan with oil as needed. Serve hot

These Aloo parathas are heavy dish and good for main course at mornings, afternoon or night. Serve it with green chutney or simply just serve as it is

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