Mom made Pineapple Crushed cake Recipe

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After my previous recipe on Aloo Paratha  here is my new post on Pineapple Crushed cake Recipe by Mom made Recipes .Pineapple which is a tropical plant through which many variable recipe are made like upside pineapple cake and used in fruit salads or other desserts as with its juicy taste it has its own water or syrup which gives an extra taste and texture to the recipe.


  My recipe happens to be Pineapple crushed cake #recipe which is simple recipe with easy procedure to follow.


3 cups plain flour
50 gms butter (optional)
3 eggs (whites & yolks separated)
6 rings of pineapple (tin/ fresh)
1-2 tbsp ghee/oil for greasing pan
1/4 cup pineapple syrup


1. I first separated both the whites and the yolks of the eggs and beat it separate bowls.


2. Secondly after beating the yolks and butter together then add the flour and baking powder and beat it on medium speed till it becomes a smooth batter or mixture                   

3. Thirdly, crush the pineapple rings in an food processor or use pineapple chunks and crush it with a roller but be careful with the extra juice that extracts For peeling and slicing a fresh pineapple easily if interested click the below link

4. Fourthly,  mix the crushed pineapple and the syrup to the mixture and beat it on low speed for 5 mins


6. Aftter the batter is ready pour the batter in the greased pan and place it in the preheated oven at 180 degree for 40 - 45 minutes or till the inserted toothpick comes out clean. And when it is baked the result is in the below  picture


Thus  your cake is ready to be served to be eaten. Have it with whipping cream as frosting or ice cream OR just have it  as it is

Keep Cooking, Keep Smiling.
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